Bruno enjoys matwork too!


I first came to Pilates after I’d just had my third son, who is now 19! I wanted to reconnect with my pelvic floor and I’d also suffered terrible pain in my sacro-iliac joint on and off for a several months. Weekly pilates classes started to really help quite quickly.  After 9 years of  going to classes myself, my instructor strongly encouraged me to train to teach…and I’ve never regretted it!

I qualified in 2009 with Pilates Training Solutions in Farnham to Level 3 and have completed additional add-on courses and workshops to keep up to date and understand specific back complaints more fully.

I’m absolutely passionate about the huge benefits regular Pilates brings –  no matter how inactive, super-fit or co-ordinationally -challenged you feel! I teach around 8 classes a week in Lewes and Eastbourne to a wide a variety of people in a relaxed and sociable atmosphere – plus I offer 1 to 1 sessions on Mondays and Thursdays at people’s own homes.

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